1. Why Plant a Church?
When we think about people in Camden who are walking in darkness, separated from God, and perishing, our hearts long to give them one thing:  the gospel (good news) that God did not reject his people, but sent Jesus to die for their sins, raised him from the dead, and will send him back to unite all things in himself.  Our mission is to see all things – ourselves, our church, our community, and the nations – redeemed and transformed through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. Why Plant in Camden NJ?
The fact is, Camden is in desperate need of a true gospel witness.  Through the Father’s eternal plan, the Son’s magnificent cross-work, and the Holy Spirit’s power, we aim to invade the darkness of the city with a full orbed gospel mission.  More importantly, the word of God compels us to move forward in this endeavor.  Under the influence of a violent and thug-driven culture, Camden has been darkened to the gospel in recent decades. You can see decline as you see the growth of liberal theology, and the advancement of a man-centered social agenda throughout the city. Simply stated, existing churches have little or no congregation left.  We long to see the reality of the reign of Christ be realized in Camden.   Here we are Lord-Send us!

3. Why Epiphany Fellowship of Camden?
The first Epiphany describes Christ’s birth into the world, and the second Epiphany refers to Christ conquering the world while displaying his Glory. The vision and mission of Epiphany Camden is in conjunction with the vision and mission of our mother-church Epiphany Fellowship in North Philly.  Our vision for reaching the inner-city is an extension from Epiphany Philly as we have a deep desire for reaching the least, the last, and the lost in the “hood.”

4. Who’s in Camden?
The City of Camden NJ has a population of 79,000 made up of 49.3% African American, 38.6% Hispanic, 7.5% White.

5. Why Camden?
Camden is a city in need.  It has been in the top worst cities in America and even rated in the “Top 10” worst cities in the world. Camden was rated the most violent city in America for 2009. The average income is $18k, with approximately 44% of the population living below poverty.  The unemployment rate is close to 11%, and about 40% have not completed high school.  Camden City led the USA in murder in 2004.

6. What is it about Camden that compels us?
Beyond the obvious demographic need, there is a persuasive absence of the Gospel. Camden is inundated with “Health & Wealth Theology” which treats the church as a profitable business rather than the prophetic people of God. Many of the churches are more man-centered and Pastor-centered than Christ-Centered. There are some churches faithfully ministering to Camden, but there are simply not enough!  Jesus calls us to bring the gospel to those who do not know it.

7. Who Are We Seeking to Reach?  
– The Fatherless
– Single Parents & Undereducated
– Weed Smokers & Drug Dealers
– The Postmodern Inner-City Generation
– The Hardest-to-Reach Age Group (18-40)
– African Americans and Latinos
– The Ecclesiologically Disconnected