Blessed, Forgiven, & Covered: Series Intro


Series Introduction & Idea


It is my deep desire to communicate the truths of scripture to you as the preaching pastor of this church. I myself need them of moment of everyday. So often there is confusion as to belief in God, belief in Jesus, church attendance as it pertains to being a Christian. We have had a misconception of God’s creation, which is everyone, and God’s children, which are those who have been forgiven and covered by the blood of Jesus. Sometimes preaching has a hard time distinguishing between the two. Therefore it was our desire and hope that in this series we would clearly cover the reality of what it means to follow Christ.


You see, a lack of understanding who we are, Christian, not Christians, explorers of Christianity, wonderers of Christianity, this conundrum creates a lack of mobility and a lack of life direction. It also creates a lack of commitment, a lack of investment, a lack of intimacy with God in this Christian life. So please hear me, a misunderstanding of identity cripples mobility and direction. So the writer of this Psalm, David, felt similar to me so much so that he turned this poem/Psalm into a liturgy, meaning a song for public worship of the people as they would gather together to worship God. He wanted it to be clear that the only people on earth that can be blessed (ie happy) are those who have been forgiven and covered by the forgiveness and covering of Yahweh and his messiah.


So with no contrast, make no bones about it, those who are not forgiven and covered by Yahweh through repentance and belief in his messiah, they’re not blessed (ie happy) they’re doomed (ie going to hell). So in the midst of this, we preach from the place of hope. Hope that all would hear the great, blessedness of the great forgiveness, and of the great covering that God gives in his messiah Jesus, our Savior, and they would run from being exposed in and by their sin and find refuge in Christ our savior by recognizing that they’ve sinned and that they are now in hostility with God, and that when we repent and turn to Jesus, what were saying is on the cross, Christ took all the hostility that we deserved.


Simply put, we were unforgiven and uncovered, when we repent, turn to Jesus, now we’re forgiven and covered and because of that we are blessed. So really soul search this series and make sure that you have repented and turned to Jesus, confessed your sins, and asked him to save you. If you haven’t, I pray that in these four weeks that you will. Lets get it.




In The Strong Name of Jesus,

Teaching Elder, Doug Logan, Jr.