Blessed, Forgiven, & Covered: Confession is good for the soul

psalm23-2500pxOne of my favorite shows is The First 48. The show follows real-life detectives who are working hard to find leads and close murder cases in the first 48 hours following a murder. An observation I find interesting is that when a person who has been on the run after committing a crime, once they confess, many of them fall asleep in the interrogation room.  It’s the first time they’ve been able to rest since being on the run. It’s as if once confession is made the anxiety of keeping the truth inside gives way to comfort.


In Psalm 32:1-2 we hear from the Psalmist David, as he declares the blessedness of those whose sins (transgressions) are forgiven. The blessing of forgiveness from God is a priceless gift, but the gateway through which we gain access to such blessing is confession. Often we speak of repentance and faith, but lightly reflect on the comfort one finds in repenting before the Lord and others.


Confession is good for the soul


Pastor Doug told us in his message, “Align yourself with what God says about your sin.” Our natural inclination is to try and smooth out the rough edges of our sin. Rather than admit we sinned against our spouse, we say, “I overreacted”.  Rather than own up to our sin nature, we say, “well no one is perfect.”  While these statements sugarcoat the issues in our souls, we never allow the healing grace of God to penetrate the innermost depths of our souls.


Pastor Doug said plainly, “Align yourself with what God says about your sin.” That means being completely honest about ourselves before God and others. No political correctness, just real, rugged, and raw truth about our deeds, motives, words, and actions. When we do this, then we are able to experience the comfort and peace of God’s love as he covers over our multitude of sins.


For many of us, we have hidden away our sin, shame, and deceitful ways hoping to never be exposed.  But the beautiful thing is that Christ already knows, and he sees everything.  And even while he sees everything he doesn’t push you away and lay guilt upon you, but he calls you to himself so that he may cover your transgressions and bless you with his forgiveness.